It’s Our Country! Let’s take it back!

I am a concerned American. Concerned and angry would better describe it. I have observed what is befalling our great nation and I am apalled; not only because of what is happening but the parties responsible for these conditions. To say the United States is in turmoil would be a gross understatment.  We are engaged in two illegeal wars, the rights of the people are being slowly eroded on a daily basis, our economy is crumbling and the value of our dollar is decreasing more with each passing day. 

     We are now living in a de facto police state. Our rights and freedoms have been slipping for over a decade and there is now very little that we can do without the government’s consent or knowledge. Things are shaping up now to where we could be facing martial law sometime in the near future. We have fallen to policies based on fear. The Patriot Act and Homeland Security, passed after the September 11 attacks ( which themselves were false flag attack against us by criminal elements in our own government) are two of the more prominent things implemented that have continued a process of eviscerating our Constitution.  President Bush has signed many exectuive orders which are not constitutional and give him nearly dictator like powers. 

Our financial system is in disarray. As you all know, an $850 billion bailout was recently passed by Congress recently ( several congressmen have come out and said they were threatened with Martial Law if they did not pass the bill). This bill was absolutely not conceived and forced through Congress with the interests of the American people in mind. If you turn on the news, which could be a mistake, you will see the politicians, particularly the two presidential “candidates”, talking about “answers” which are not really answers but are really just addressing the symptoms and not the problems and we as people just eat it up. Most of us do not know what the problem is or why we are in the state economically. You can trace most of our economic and political problems back to the Federal Reserve System and the criminals who run it.  As I and many others have written and documented previously on countless occasions, the Fed ,since its inception in 1913,  has done all it can to bring the country and thus the people under its control and it has done a wonderful job. Through its policies it has devalued our currency, set up a fraudulent income tax, caused and financed wars, created panics and the Great Depression , and corrupted our government on nearly every level.  All this happened with very little intervention from our government who is supposed to protect the people of its nation.  The media has been largely silent on these issues amd I would think that these would be issues that the American people would consider to be important.  That is one of the reasons that we are inundated with all this entertainment and other “fluff”; it is designed to distract us from what is really going on and truly important.  It is working all too well. We have become a people that is more knowledgable about the cast of a reality televsion show than who their congressional officials are.  We have been systematically dumbed down and we do not even realize it and because of that the media shows what they want us to see and can mold the mindset and opinions of people how they see fit.  We are perpetually kept in the dark and that is where most people want to stay.

Most people who speak out against many of the wrongs today are maligned, discredited, ignored, or made out to be crazy or wanting to overthrow the government and that simply is not true.  People have bought into that lie hook, line and sinker.  There are mountains of information that back up everything I have said here but people are not told what they are not supposed to know. I am challenging you who are reading this to get off the sidelines and do something! Research these things, inform others, start groups, contact your elected officials with the truth and find and support those running for office who are speaking for the real issues , or run for office yourself.  That is what I am doing and will continue to do! I refuse to sit by and watch our once great nation fall into the hands of a few powerful criminals!


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